Boys’ Toddler Bed Designs

Boys are just boys, they are not as picky as girls and this makes it so easy to pick up stuff for them. All items included, most boys will only speak their mind when it comes to designs because of the different fabulous toddler bed designs that are flooding the market today. With many boys’ designs including trucks, sport cars, airplanes, ship and boats their thirst for a classy toddler travel bed is easily satisfied.

Boys’ Toddler Bed Designs

The designs

Boys who are ready to leave the crib will find it more fun with the new designs in the market today. Making transition with a bed of their choice is going to be very easy for both the parent and the child. In the market today, there are popular brands selling unique toddler beds, let look at some of them:

1. Fire trucks:

They comes in different colors, make and design, each is constructed in its own unique manner and with different materials. It all depends on your budget and preference to be able to pick one that suits your son’s needs. A few fire truck designs include:

a. Step 2 Fire Engine toddler bed: This is the most popular model among many parents. It is a fire engine toddler bed model made by Step 2. It is very easy to assemble and sturdy enough for the child. It is constructed using durable plastics and has a siren night light with an auto shut-off feature. This toddler bed comes with a dashboard with molded in details like a steering wheel and radio. It also comes with stickers to decorate it making it less plain. Unlike other toddler beds, it has a friendly look with big eyes in place of lamps at the front end.

b. Kidkraft Fire Truck Toddler bed: It is constructed with medium density fireboard (MDF) materials, it has a storage compartment at the front end. The guard rails are designed as ladders, giving a fire truck look to the bed. One major advantage for this toddler bed is that you can buy matching bedroom furniture together with the bed to decorate your son’s room. It is also very affordable when it comes to pricing.

c. Just kids stuff Fire Truck toddler bed: It is constructed using laminated and imported Baltic birch wood. If you want to invest in a bed that can be used by more than one kid, this maybe the best choice. However, this toddler bed is not as popular because it is expensive and not as attractive. It is square in style making it look much like a box. If you are focused on quality more than looks, this model will fulfill your needs.

2. Light year Spaceship toddler bed:

This is an incredible style that has high rounded headboard featuring Buzz light year and his friends with the aliens on the footboard featuring the ‘rocket boosters’. The rocket wings and molded sideboards as rails enhance the spaceship look for the bed. Included in the package are colorful decals, standard mattress with plywood support.

3. Lightning McQueen movie car:

This bed is similar to a small car featuring Lightning McQueen designs. Its weight is designed for small children because it weighs about 102.00lbs.

All the above and many more are toddler beds designed with your handsome boy’s comfort and pride in mind. But before you invest in one you would need to consider a few things:

+ What is your budget? There is a wide price range for these toddler beds, all depending on what you are looking for.
+ Decide if your toddler gets to choose their bed for themselves – you can plan a surprise too.
+ Determine if you want to set a theme bed and furniture – there are many varieties of themes today
+ Decide if you want a toddler bed that can grow with your child – some beds are designed to take a standard crib mattress and then utilize a twin size mattress as your child grows older. These beds might look expensive to begin with but are a saver in future.

As you can see there are a few things to put into consideration before any purchases are done. Take your time and look around to get best quality and price. It will not be a waste of time to invest in the research, rather it’s all worth it!